Fundbase, a Swiss Fintech, brings together professional investors and fund managers on a dedicated plateform

Country: Switzerland
Year: 2013
As a FINAMA regulated broker, Fundbase seeks to simply access to hedge funds. This fintech built an asset management platform with its primary focus on the investor community.


  • By bringing together investors and asset managers, Fundbase aims to reduce the whole fund investing process from screening to subscribing
  • Nicknamed the “Airbnb for hedge funds”, the platform allows to discover funds, connect with funds managers and invest in online funds
  • Professional investors can search 15 000 hedge funds currently investable in more than 50 countries in an ergonomic, easy to use platform which reduces research and processing time
  • Features are based on a “360 degree” approach which provides all the necessary financial and reporting information

Consumer Benefits

  • Qualified investors: (e.g. Swiss family office) use the Fundbase platform to discover and invest in quality and compliant hedge funds for their clients
  • Fund managers: use the Fundbase website to get listed on the platform and gain visibility on the funds markets through cutting edge online distribution
  • Qualified investors and fund managers: who are part of the Fundbase ecosystem can interact and collaborate in only a few clicks

How To Use

  • Investors and fund managers are required to register on the site and fill out personal and company information
  • Users can then access the platform depending on the features selected (3 months free or basic offer: $500 for investors, $750 for hedge fund managers)


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