GoLend.HK is the only P2P lending platform featuring Hong Kong mortgage loans

Country: Hong Kong
Year:  December, 2013 golend logo
Founded in 2013, GoLend.HK is the only P2P lending marketplace featuring Hong Kong mortgage loans, connecting borrowers and investors directly.
Golend.HK is a licensed money lender under the brand of BuBuLianDai limited.

  • Key points for GoLend.HK model to flourish: advanced internet infrastructure in the world; high GDP per capital level (6 times mainland China’s level) ; low interest rate(6-month deposit rate: around 0.05%)/high debt percentage( private debt sector takes almost 60% of GDP) and high mortgage loans (74% of private debt sector)
  • HK focuses to build a cross-border marketplace benefiting from the mainland China’s policy as well.
  • One of the first-mover actively to fill up the gap between Hong Kong and mainland China on P2P lending sector

Consumer Benefits

  • Fast: easy application online, normally approved-borrowers will receive funds directly into bank accounts within 24 hours
  • High return and low rates: low interest rates on the borrower side, attractive returns for investors
  • Transparent and creditworthy: all the mortgage information and property valuation is open and traceable in HK; both loan agreement and incontestable document protect the rights of money investors; all processing guaranteed by trustable insurance company and law firm; credit risk scoring is assisted by TransUnion

How to use it
For Investors

  • Set up a lender & Investor’s account
  • Access information needed on listed financial products
  • Manage investments using the online platform

For Borrowers

  • Set up a borrower’s account
  • Fill up the loan application and submit the required materials
  • Approval processing
  • Raise and receive funds within 24 hours


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