Haha Pinche is a car-pooling application that connects drivers and passengers in China

Country: ChinaHahaPinche
Year: 2014

  • Replicate Haha Pinche/China Life’s partnership with Haha Pinche’s competitors and in other countries: partnering with carpooling applications is one way for an insurance company to increase visibility in markets where they want to invest and increase presence.
  • Product distribution and market expansion: creating new partnerships introduce  new distribution methods, whilst increasing an insurance company’s awareness among millennials, the population segment that would make the most use of such Uberization services.
  • Ensure passenger safety: an insurance company’s assistance can provide breakdown assistance and alternative transport options such as taxis for all parties.


  • Haha Pinche is a Chinese car-pooling application connecting drivers and passengers wanting to share the same car for a trip.
  • The company aims to reduce pollution, facilitate travel, save energy and reduce traffic.
  • One of the differentiating elements is that, when riding with Haha Pinche, passengers get free insurance from China Life (which is also one of the main investors).
  • The application includes instant messaging features, allowing passengers and drivers to communicate at all times.

Consumer Benefits

  • User-friendly: the application is ergonomic and it is easy to book a car and to contact a driver.
  • Inexpensive: trip prices are often lower through Haha Pinche than other types of transport such as trains or planes.
  • Customer protection: passengers are automatically insured for their journeys.

How it works

  • Users can download the free application on their mobile (Android or iOS). A driver wishing to car share can sign up, enter personal information, route and vehicle details.
  • Next, departure and destination can be added. For the final step, users are connected with potential drivers.
  • Passengers can pay via the mobile application when they reserve a trip. Drivers are paid when the journey finishes.

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  • TechinAsia discusses the rise of Haha Pinche

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