Hardbacon is an online wealth management comparator that lets users compare investment opportunities amongst robo-advisors, brokers and credit card companies

Country: Canada hardbacon
Launched: 2016
Hardbacon is a recently  founded startup, dating from July 2016, by Julien Brault, a Financial Journalist. 


  • The target customers of Hardbacon are small or novice investors, who can use Hardbacon’s comparator to choose financial investments with lower costs as well as the appropriate financial education for their needs.
  • Hardbacon aims to educate investors on financial investments, brokers,  and fees.
  • They also pose as an intermediary between brokerage firms and/or robots advisors and investors.
  • As a next step in their development, they will offer investment portfolio simulators to their users. Users will be able to enter the amount they are willing to invest, their risk profile and create a factitious portfolio.

Consumer benefits

  • Transparency: the start-up is focused on educating their audience in a clear and transparent way, to ensure that they have full comprehension of the subject before making an investment or picking an investment provider.
  • Fostering independence: users of the platform are first informed about all the investment jargon and financial ratios. Then, the platform enables them to compose their own portfolio and simulate the performance.

How to use

  • The user goes on the website and subscribes to the newsletter.
  • Once the simulator goes live, they will be able to register, enter their personal information, respond to a questionnaire to assess their risk profile and compose their own portfolio looking up for companies.


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