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Country: France
Year: 2001


  • HiPay developed a platform focused on e-shops to manage their customers payments
  • HiPay does not only manage customer’s payments but also analyses them, because they are convinced that data is the success. By doing that HiPay provides individual information’s on e-shops customers to propose a personalized marketing strategy
  • HiPay helps their customers to avoid fraud and optimize their benefits with a powerful tool analyzing every transaction using machine learning
  • HiPay proposes six services:
    • Entreprise: An advanced single solution designed to handle all online payments needs
    • Marketplace: A turnkey transaction management solution to ensure funds allocation and compliance with regulations
    • Professional: A platform created for startups and growing businesses to simplify integration and provide online payments in a few clicks
    • Omnichanel: A solution dedicated to Point-of-Sale payments, Web-to-Store and Store-to-Web scenarios
    • HiPay Intelligence: An analytics tool to explore and analyse online and in-store activity
    • HiPay Sentinel: A risk management solution powered by machine learning technology to fight fraud and reduce chargebacks

Consumer Benefits

  • Analyze data on their customers transactions to focus on personalized marketing strategy
  • Help businesses to expand internationally with optimization of currencies rates and many payments method available
  • An intuitive platform to explore data and optimize a business performance using analytics tool
  • Powerful tools to avoid fraud and be by the book for KYC

How To Use

  • To avoid fraud, HiPay uses machine learning that will analyze every customers transactions and scores it with some factors as the amount, the checkout time, the location, etc. After scoring it will decide whether or not it should trigger an identity check
  • A unique marketing strategy for each customer could be done by analyzing every transactions to find out the habits and preferences of customers


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