Holvi combines modern technology and user experience into banking

Country: Finlandholvi
Year: 2011


  • Holvi is banking for European entrepreneurs, sole traders and business owners. It’s a current account with its own IBAN number and it’s designed to help users run their business in one place.
  • Unlike traditional banks, Holvi is independently regulated, licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland (FIN-FSA) as an Authorized Payment Institution to operate across the EU, and can open accounts without depending on third parties.
  • The firm targets SMEs, entrepreneurs, freelancers and sole traders as its users, offering a number of integrated services.
  • In addition to most of what a normal bank account can offer, Holvi allows users to send invoices, add comments or tag transactions, manage tasks and budgets, automatically build financial reports, and even set up an online shop.
  • Holvi charges €0.90 for incoming/outgoing payments and a 3% service fee for credit card transactions.

Customer Benefits

  • Simple & Convenient: Instead of complex interlinks, users can associate as many accounts to their Holvi profile and separate finances for different projects, thus having an organized overview of their account
  • Shareable: Holvi accounts are shareable, well suited for teams working collaboratively on projects
  • Safe: Holvi has no bankruptcy risk like traditional banks, since it is not a bank and there is no need for deposit insurance



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