Launch year: 2017
Country: France
Funds raised: €5 millions

Hyperlex, manage your contracts quickly and easily

Concept description

Hyperlex helps companies manage and make the most of their contract portfolio. To do so, they extract relevant information and data to maximize revenues opportunities, optimize expenses and mitigate risks. The technology rests on a combination of specifically trained natural language processing algorithms and advanced deep learning techniques. As a result, Hyperlex helps its customer throughout the whole contract lifecycle management: draft, negotiate, approve, sign, track and analyze.

Value proposition

Hyperlex allows companies to follow all their contractual commitments, pertaining to any legal document. To do so, they create a set of alerts, through the approach of a significant deadline. In addition, the technology automatically finds important information in your contracts (clauses, conditions, etc.).

Hyperlex allows auditors and analysts to transform their way of reviewing important clauses and elements (legal or financial ones) on a set of contracts in order to save time and reduce mistakes. As a result, there is no need to sample audits: the artificial intelligence analyzes each document, depending on selected criteria.

Hyperlex allows the user to find contracts or legal documents which are affected by any regulatory or jurisprudential modifications. Therefore, the solution helps organizations to stay compliant at all times. Moreover, the connected solution with providers in legal surveillance points out the clauses and contracts which are impacted by any new element.

Hyperlex helps to quickly identify financial conditions and applicable penalties. It also contributes  to calculate the forecasted amounts (prices, charges, penalties) indexed. This is a quick and efficient way to check bills and build cash flow forecasts.

Hyperlex also simplifies and seriously speeds up the due diligence process (M & A, taxes, real estate), going from the collection and analysis of the Dataroom, right until the production of the final report. For instance, Hyperlex automatically fills in audit sheets and gives a consolidated view of the portfolio lease.

Hyperlex automatically identifies the conditions, deadlines and major clauses present in leases, whether the clients are buyers, sellers, lessees or lessors. It allows auditors to speed up the due diligence procedure, by automatically completing their audit sheets and providing a consolidated view, in terms of the lease portfolio.

Hyperlex enables businesses and legal professionals to store and share the best contractual practices of the different teams with the rest of the company. The search engine allows to search through clause or type of contract. A collaborative clausier also makes it possible to memorize favorite clauses and suggests those clauses which are used the most.

Hyperlex makes it possible for companies and their consultants to quickly complete the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool databases of the market, during a migration system or the arrival of new contracts.

Hyperlex has developed an incredible technology which is capable of automating existing hardware processes (backoffice, software). The artificial intelligence is available through a webservice and can be integrated with existing tools.

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