Launch year: 2013
Country: Belgium
Funds raised: $46.000.000


Concept description

iBanFirst is a Fintech startup that enables companies to make payments and transfers in foreign currencies. Founded in 2013, iBanFirst provides businesses with an international optimised financial services platform, combining technological, financial and regulatory expertise.

Using state-of-the-art technology, iBanFirst delivers immediate and measurable savings in time and money on all aspects of international transactions, giving you full control over the process.

The main objectives of the company are as follows :

  • Eliminate risk and stress linked to your international payments
  • Maintain-trust and establish a relationship of trust with your business partners, suppliers and customers
  • Optimize your cash flow, protect yourself from the risk of market volatility and finance your development

iBanFirst allows you to control your international payments. With their online platform, you control all aspects of foreign exchange transactions: foreign exchange, transfer, hedging, cash management.

Value proposition

The majors value proposition with IBanFirst are as follows :

  • Pay suppliers abroad : pay on time, control the risk of change and obtain competitive and transparent rates
  • Be paid in local currency : open and manage accounts in any currency, control the risk of change and obtain competitive and transparent rates
  • Manage intra-group flows : Open accounts in the currency of your choice, integrate iBanFirst with your TMS or ERP system, get competitive and transparent rates
  • Manage all foreign currency accounts : synchronize all your bank accounts in one place
  • Simplify private transactions : send reliable payments in any currency and get support throughout the transaction
  • Investment fund services : Synchronize all the accounts of the different funds in the same place, get competitive and transparent rates, reduce the exposure to foreign exchange risk and make reliable bank transfers in any currency

Illustration (Video)

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