iKang is a healthcare company primarily dedicated to corporate and self paid clients, focusing on prevention

Country: China iKang
Year: 2015

  • Enhanced customer experience: an insurance company could create a similar platform to help its corporate clients take control over their health conditions in Asia as well as in other countries
  • Similar functionalities for an insurance company’s health app: the functions provided by iKang could enrich other healthcare apps


  • In 2013 iKang created a platform where patients could find information about the latest medical research and advice. iKang has acquired several clinics since 2014
  • In 2015, iKang created The iKang Medical Exam app, where hospitals and doctors are linked to provide a better medical experience for all. The user can upload their previous medical records and can set information about their lifestyle, as well as personalize their medical examination, book appointments and view their medical results online only few days after
  • The app also offers clinical guidelines based on a huge data base with analysis on how age, sex, genetic testing, medical history and lifestyle can affect diseases. The general database combined with each individual’s information allows the app to deliver very specific recommendations

Consumer Benefits

  • Health prevention: due to an undersupply of doctors and medical follow-up in China, iKang provides patients with the ability to manage their health situation proactively rather than being dependent on their doctors
  • Increased efficiency: the patient books an appointment; then the doctor has access to the patient’s health condition information in advance, which will contribute to a more comprehensive diagnosis

How it works

  • The user downloads the app, after which they can put in personal information, set up appointments, and become informed with studies


  • Please click on the image below if you would like to find out more about iKang
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