IMB – The real time payment solution

Country: South Africa
Year: Unknown


  • IMB Financial Services is a Fintech start-up that mobilizes money through cell phone technology to create wealth in emerging markets.
  • Offering is not bound by geography or relationship.
  • IMB is able to service markets that have been financially neglected to complexity and cost by providing cost-effective, accessible products, systems and technology.

Consumer Benefits

  • IMB provides full functionality from any mobile phone, not just a feature or smart phone.
  • By integrating mobile technology, IMB debit card allows customers to swipe for goods and services and withdraw cash.
  • At IMB, the consumers’ wallet is placed with one of their banking partners and remains protected by the same banking legislation.
  • The IMB Debit Card provides a Mastercard and it can be used anywhere.

How To Use

  • IMB’s services allows financial inclusion in emerging market.
  • People are now able to store money safely, send and receive payments and IMB provides a gateway to other financial services.


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