Launch year: 2017
Country: Switzerland
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Funds raised: CHF3.3M


Concept description

Impaakt is a collaborative platform relying on collective intelligence to produce research and assessments on public companies.

The fintech startup was born in 2017 in Switzerland and now counts about 10 employees for a total of CHF 3.3M raised.

Impaakt has a clear objective:  “Make companies accountable for their impact on the planet”. To achieve this goal, the fintech provides scores and articles warning against greenwashing practices. 

The classification used is very simple and it is company-based. Specifically, Impaakt assigns a score that ranges from +5 to -5 and each assessment is the result of a comprehensive analysis that goes beyond CSR and involves the impact of businesses on both the planet and the people.


Value proposition

Impaakt’s service works as an online advisor with the specific ability to examine whether (or not) businesses are genuinely committed to long-term sustainability. The impact score considers a variety of factors, including ethics, emissions, and long-term transparency. And, as mentioned also before, the metric can be either negative or positive.

Impaakt internal process is characterized by four phases:

  • Write, articles are created as a resource to document businesses’ actions (verified information).
  • Rate, the community decides whether the company score is going to be negative or positive, and to which extent.
  • Compare, the decision made is always aligned with other brands/businesses within the platform.
  • Change, the information produced will be later used in advanced research, reports, or analytics from other stakeholders.

Once the assessment is completed, the company’s score becomes publicly available on the Impaakt’s website. Due to the resonance of the news, when the latter is negative, companies are encouraged to improve their performance aim not to lose investors, and so, the capital.

Company score assessment (example)
Retrieved from Impaakt Official Website

The ultimate goal of this fintech is to tackle global social and environmental issues while making the companies accountable and the investors aware. Indeed, this piece of information is used by investors as well as financial investees.

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Companies that contribute the most

To summarize, the main activity of Impaakt is to publish reliable articles and be a relevant source of information for investment decision-making. At the core of this startup, there is the willingness to make sure that clients buy from, invest in, or work for, companies with the most positive contribution to the world. Business are encouraged to focus on purpose alongside profit. This creates a circular system where data are sold to be given to certified writers or charitable purposes.

In the end, Impaakt offers a solution for investors (both individual and asset managers) to stand out from the crowd and be educated in their choices. The nature of this service is collective so the scores assigned are the result of many contributions from the Impaakt’s community. Indeed, the fintech encourages new users to join the platform and hosts weekly webinars (Impaakt | Events | Online Sustainability Education & Events).

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