Launch year: 2018
Country: France
Funds raised: €5,700,000

IOV – The easy solution for crypto-payments

Concept description

The French start-up IOV has developed a domain name technology for Blockchain. It make possible to simplify transaction addresses while securing exchanges

  • Errors related to the complexity of blockchain addresses and transaction numbers lead to losses of millions of euros each year
  • In order to simplify transactions, IOV developed a solution named starname. A starname is a ‘blockchain ID’ used to receive crypto-money or log in to block applications

Value proposition

IOV simplify the way of blockchain transactions

  • Thanks to the blockchain Name Service and Blockchain Communication Protocol, a user can use a single wallet to carry out operations on all blockchains, whereas previously he had to use a different wallet for each cryptogram
  • In 2020 a starname can be used or resold with mobile wallets partners in the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystem
  • The application complies with KYC and AML standards

Illustration (Video)

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