Kasko is an insurance distribution network that allows digital businesses to quickly and easily integrate insurance products into their websites, services, and Apps.

Country: Germanykasko
Year: 2015
Kasko, in a B2B2C model, provides a technological platform as an intermediary between the supplier, the consumer, and the insurance underwriter at the back end.


  • Kasko provides insurance as a service by building a white label distribution infrastructure that integrates simple and flexible insurance products, enabling digital businesses to cross-sell contextually relevant insurance products at the point-of-demand.
  • Kasko offers three easy and flexible ways for digital businesses to start cross-selling insurance to their customers:
    • Webapp: Kasko will provide a link for users to integrate it into their websites;
    • iFrame: an iFrame code which is more integrated and matches the website’s look and feel;
    • REST API: fully integrate the insurance purchase into users’ workflow.
  • Insurance that are provided by Kasko now and in the future:
    • Test drive;
    • Car rental (coming soon);
    • Car sharing (coming soon);
    • Camper sharing(coming soon);
    • Flex travel (coming soon);
    • Home sharing (coming soon);

Consumer Benefits

  • Extra service: digital businesses can use Kasko to provide customers with additional contextually relevant insurance services to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Revenue share: digital businesses can share with Kasko the commission the insurers pay out.
  • Pain free: Kasko will deal with the insurance underwriters and the operations

How to use

Shown below is the demo for Test Drive Protect:

  • Step 1: Enter the information for the insurance


  • Step 2: Enter personal data, including license plate, full name and email


  • Step 3: Payment information



  • KASKO presents at ITC 2015 (Insurance Technology Congress)
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