Knocki is a device that turns any surface into a remote control, monitored through a mobile app

Country: USA knocki
Year: 2014

An insurance company could use this innovation in order to: 

  • Home insurance: integrate Knocki within an insurance company home insurance / connected objects offering (smart home offers).
  • Health insurance: include as well-being and independence tool for customers with limited mobility.
  • Target affluent customers: offer Knocki to customers with residences of significant size.


  • Knocki is a smart device that can be used to turn the lights on and off, change the TV channels, set an alarm, shuffle music, turn up the volume, activate the alarm system… simply by knocking at the surface where the device is fixed: walls, tables or any other flat surfaces.
  • The device is linked via Wi-Fi to a smartphone app from which it is set up and monitored: users choose to which object they wish to connect Knocki (TV, stereo, switch…) and how many knockings are necessary to command each object and action.
  • Smartphone notifications can be set up to inform users that someone is knocking at the front door

Consumer Benefits

  • Easy to install: Usable adhesive mount (no nails, screws or drilling required).
  • Easy to use: Users can monitor all of their electronic devices simply through one smartphone app and a few knockings which can namely ease the life of elderly or disabled who have troubles moving around.
  • Multiple use: One Knocki device can monitor multiple objects (1 knock to turn on the lights in the bathroom, 2 knocks to shuffle music, 3 knocks to turn up the volume…) assuming they are internet-connected device or software with an open-platform.

How to use

  • Users purchase the device online and download the smartphone app for free.
  • They pick a place (kitchen, bedroom etc.) and the surface on which Knocki will be attached. Knocki works anywhere it can access Wi-Fi.
  • They configure Knocki from the app or via the web by specifying actions that correspond to a certain number or pattern of knocks.


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