Launch year: 2008
Country: USA
Funds raised: $53 million

Kyron : transform your business with AI-based RPA

Concept description

The Kryon RPA Platform sets the standard for secure, scalable and cost efficient robotic process automation management and optimization.

Value proposition

Cost Savings

Kyron robots cut costs by reducing the amount of time spent by employees on repetitive tasks, resulting in much lower payroll and training expenses.

Productivity & Efficiency

Kyron Robots work 24/7/365, without breaks and at digital speeds. Business users can then offload high-volume manual tasks to robots which allows employees to work more efficiently and develop their skills in more productive directions.

Customer Experience Improvement

The Kyron Automotation Suite helps entreprises provide a personalized customer experience accurately tailored for each individual thanks to the ability to quickly recall key customer information.

Employee Satisfaction Acceleration

Automation liberates teams from repetitive tasks and makes it possible for them to work on more rewarding projects instead.

Accuracy & Compliance

Robots complete a process the same way every time, eliminating the potential for human error and ensuring full compliance with the latest regulations.


Illustration (Video)

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