Launch year: 2013
Country: France
Funds raised: €49,500

Linkurious, the investigative platform

Concept description

Linkurious is startup helping organizations to fight fraud, money laundering, cyber security and crime thanks to a detection and investigative platform.

  • The platform provides multiple data sources in graphical form to detect suspicious patterns.
  • Banks can improve the detection of money laundering and IT security issues thanks to the platform.
  • Linkurious has depicted the complex patterns of financial arrangements in the 11.5 million documents of the Panama Papers.
  • In addition, the French Ministry of Finance uses Linkurious for the detection of VAT fraud.

Value proposition

Linkurious can help banks to improve their security solution.

  • Linkurious Enterprise brings various data sources in a single and easy to understand view. It eliminates blind spots and reduces the time spent to track information.
  • For banks, Linkurious is an asset to improve fraud detection and reduce investigation time. Indeed, bank’s security built on Linkurious graph technology allows to search for complex scenarios within the data, involving multiple levels of connections.

Illustration (Video)

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