Macrovue, a portfolio investment firm that allows investors to invest in uniquely themed and customizable global portfolios

Country: Australia
Year founded: June 2014

  • Macrovue has received media limelight for its potential in disrupting the wealth industry for its themed customizable superannuation global funds. Though it has just commenced its services, it has received $1 million funding from AMP, a wealth giant, which aims to leverage on their capabilities to reach out to new tech savvy explorative clients.


  • Macrovue has a team dedicated to constructing themed portfolios of 10 stocks each, called Vues, which are customizable by the investors
  • These portfolios are widely transparent and within the control of the investors which provide additional value that the existing superannuation industry does not provide

Consumer Benefits 

  • Expert analysis: The stocks in each portfolio are specially selected with researched effort. Each portfolio, also known as Vues, is an idea turned investment opportunity. For instance, they have portfolios focusing on the silver-haired economy, Asian healthcare and clean tech which are markets perceived to have growth potential.
  • Affordability: The brokerage fees and exchange rates are market competitive.
  • Flexibility: Investors are able to customer any of the existing Vues by adding or removing stocks .
  • Tracking tool: Investors are able to monitor performance of the portfolios with detailed breakdown including FX gains/losses and dividend payouts.

How Macrovue Portfolio Investment Platform Works: 

After an investor opens an account, he will have access to the platform that has the following key features online:

1) Exploration page which features all the available Vues
2) Easy selection of Vues to view the stocks composition of the Vues
3) Customization option for the selected Vue by adding or removing stocks and denoting amount to invest

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