MeetInvest is a social network-like platform that enables the user to connect with other investors, share investment ideas, create groups of similar interests and run strategies.

Country: Switzerlandmeetinvest
Year: 2014
MeetInvest is an online investment platform, offering a social media-like platform that lets user exchange knowledge about investments, connect with other investors and join groups based on his interests, as well as construct and run strategies with a feedback from the platform’s users for the individuals, and Robo-Advisory service for the wealth management industry for institutions.


  • MeetInvest is a platform aiming to connect people with similar interest in investments, educate and bring valuable investing information
  • The platform uses the well-known strategies of the most recognized international investors and replicate their views
  • For the institutions, it is also the world’s first single stock, expert based, algorithm driven Robo-Advisor for the wealth management industry as a white-label solution that empowers bank clients to invest like the best

Consumer Benefits

For individual investors:

  • Social network: individual investors have access to the social network platform where they can access learning tools about investment and connect with people sharing the same interests and develop his investing capabilities
  • Stock screening tool: gives users an overview of the world’s financial markets

For institutional investors:

  • Additional tools: with deeper access and a commercial vision that contains the same stock screening and selecting tools. These investors can also use a portfolio building and management tool, an expert team building tool and a bear market protection tool

How To Use

  • Registration is free for the individual investors, while having only access to the Stock screening tool. The “what” category introduces the replication strategies, the “how” presents the asset allocation and diversification, and the “when” category teaches the right-time to invest
  • For institutional investors, the service is much more complete, targeting wealth management professionals


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