Memoria is a location-based platform aimed at guiding, assisting and monitoring patients with Alzheimer’s disease, with their daily routines

Country: Israelmemoria
Year: 2016


  • Memoria has developed a location-based platform with an Active Guidance Solution that is customized to cater to the needs of patients with Alzheimer’s disease with their daily life activities
  • The platform has a unique interactive companion AI-platform that offers a significant level of independence to patients, to perform their daily tasks, reducing the burden of caregivers
  • The ‘Intelligent Assistant’ understands the routine of the patient over time, analysing their routinely actions based on time and location, and thus assisting them accordingly
  • In order to ensure medical effectiveness to the platform, Memoria is supported by the most influential Alzheimer institutes in Israel including Ramat Gan Alzheimer Research and Treatment Centre (R.G.A.C) and EMDA – the Alzheimer’s Association of Israel

Consumer Benefits

  • Predictive analysis of patient’s actions: the platform fits in to the patient’s routine, analysing actions and extracting memories based on time and location, thus making it easy to use
  • Works around the clock:  the virtual assistant works around the clock, managing the patient’s daily schedule providing right information at the right time with the use of voice-over guidance
  • Gives control back to the patient: the virtual assistant puts the patient in charge, making him less dependent on his caregiver, by following their step-by-step movement and ensuring corrective actions

How To Use

  • The virtual assistant system recognizes patient’s routine and automatically guides them through their daily activities
  • More information coming soon from Memoria
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