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MOCAcare is a device that measures your blood velocity in real time

Country: Taiwan Mocacare logo
Year: 2014
MOCACARE is a device that measures your blood velocity in real time.


  • MOCACARE is a small device which instantly measures the blood velocity of a user by simply placing their two thumbs in contact with it
  • The MOCA INDEX developed by a neurosurgeon, estimates the blood pressure via the blood velocity
  • MOCACARE is linked to an App on which the user can see the level of blood instantly ranging from low to very high
  • It can work for 3 days on battery and the user can carry it everywhere
  • It also gives health advices and the user can set doctor appointment reminders

Consumer Benefits

  • Thanks to MOCACARE the user will be able to carry a doctor in his pocket everyday and everywhere and reduce his doctor appointment costs
  • MOCACARE will also help users who have heart diseases to have a constant eye on their heart rate and prevent accidents
  • MOCACARE App allows the user to share his location in case of an emergency and also share his data with his relatives

How to use it

  • The user preorders the device that is expected for July 2015. He then downloads the App that will give him the data measured by the device. He can also allow chosen contacts to see the measurements or the trends via the App. He will have to charge it on an average of every 3 days with a USB cable.
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