Monexo targets Small and Medium Entreprises with its P2P lending solution

Country: Hong Kong
Year: 2014


  • Monexo offers online Peer to Peer lending solutions connecting lenders and borrowers via its online platform
  • Lending requests are displayed on the Monexo marketplace, allowing lenders to choose their clients
  • The company provides 6 to 48 month loans to small and medium enterprises and their employees
  • The Hong Kong based company operates locally and in India
  • Monexo raised $500,000 in December 2014

Consumer Benefits

  • Fast: 10 minutes to create an account and begin to lend or borrow
  • Safe: Monexo screens users on financial and non-financial criteria to limit risks for both lenders and borrowers
  • Win-Win: low rates and easy application for borrowers and higher financial returns for lenders than with classical savings

How It Works

  • Users create an account in less than 10 minutes on the Monexo website
  • Lenders select their borrowers through the list available on the platform
  • Once their selection is made, money is transferred to a third party which executes transactions
  • Then, each month the lender earns repayments


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