Launch year: 2016
Country: France
Funds raised: €5,000,000

Mooncard – The facilitator of corporate expenses

Concept description

Mooncard offers payment cards, with rules of operations managed in real time by the company.

  • As soon as payments are made with a Mooncard card, expenses are pre-filled, receipts are integrated and all administrative and accounting processing is automated.
  • Mooncard cards are the only corporate cards to benefit from integrated insurance. It covers means of payment, cancellation, loss and even theft or breakage of equipment (smartphones, computers…).
  • An online application is available to manage all the cards, retrieve all the expenses made and acts as an accounting interface that simplifies the management of expenses with the possibility of export.

Value proposition

For employees Mooncard offers: Mastercards linked to the company’s bank account, avoiding the need to fill out expense reports. In addition, expense information is automatically filled in the Mooncard’s app.

For manager Mooncard offers: The possibility to manage the rights of the employees and change the conditions of use of the cards in real time. At each expenditure a notification can be sent by SMS or email, or a warning level can be set.

For finance Mooncard offers: Professional expenses visible in real time and tracking of receipts and the possibility of uploading them by photo. In addition, Mooncard proposes the ability to define expenditure validation workflows. Thanks to APIs and pre-established file formats, Mooncard can transfer these transactions directly into more than 50 accounting software programs.

Illustration (Video)

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