Moroku is a B2B technology service for banks that aims to improve customers’ financial literacy through games

Country: Australia moroku
Year: 2012

An insurance company could use this innovation in order to: 

  • Source of inspiration: extension of gamification for insurance.
  • Integration: an insurance company could include Moroku tool in its touchpoints instead of building its own educational tool from scratch.


  • Moroku’s objective is to increase financial literacy and retirement planning for customers by building fun and interesting mobile and online platforms for banks, thanks to the application of game design and mechanics.
  • Customer loyalty and contact frequency are also enhanced through a sense of play and connection.

Consumer Benefits

  • Education: Moroku users become better at learning financial skills and managing their money.
  • Personal experience: users are asked various questions by Moroku so that the gamification process fits their profile.
  • Easy to use: Moroku does not require a dedicated platform; registration process can be run through the bank’s internet platforms.
  • Profits: social media and gaming engagements improve customer loyalty towards banks.

How to use

  • The customer logs onto their bank website and gets a specific identification code.
  • Then the customer downloads the app, developed by Moroku for the bank, and enters the ID code to log into the app.
  • The customer can now use the app to create challenges and try to achieve them.
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