Launch year: 2017
Country: France
Funds raised: 2 000 000 EUROS

Nalo is a robo-advisor based financial investment and life insurance tool

Concept description

Nalo specializes in financial investment advice and tailor-made pilot life insurance:

  • Characterized by tailor-made multiproject management
  • Rely on a robot-advisor able to analyze large amounts of data to choose the best solution according to the client’s needs but also to constantly adapt to his situation
  • Able to reduce costs by automating tasks with low added value via this robot
  • Based on a questionnaire that clients must fill out and that they can edit depending on the situation so that the investment can be constantly adapted
  • Also has financial advisers
  • Fees are two to three times lower than traditional players
  • Access to a range of index funds in stocks and corporate bonds
  • Investment also possible in portfolios of eco-responsible companies

Value proposition

Nalo is a life insurance with unique features:

  • Individualized management: no standard profiles (defensive, balanced, offensive), each saver is unique and Nalo adapts their investments to their financial situation and their objectives.
  • Multi-project envelop: Retirement, apartment, children’s studies … Possibility to organize your assets within the same single life insurance, and to make transfers in three clicks, free of charge and without taxation.
  • Progressive security: Progressive security of the investment according to the investment horizon
  • Less fees, more efficiency: Nalo is 2 times cheaper than a traditional bank, private or online. Investment vehicles have the lowest costs and are transparent.

Illustration (Video)

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