Neuroprofiler uses deep learning algorithms and behavioral finance to assess the investor profile of Financial Advisors' clients

Country: France
Year: 2016


  • Neuroprofiler is a behavioral finance game that helps Financial Advisors assess online the psychological investment profile of their clients. It stays in line with the last European financial regulations such as MiFIDII
  • It is based on 4 years of advanced academic research in Behavioral Finance and Machine Learning
  • The French startup uses deep learning algorithms to assign the customer to one of 1 million possible profiles

Consumer Benefits

  • User-friendly and quick: the user can answer the questionnaire in few minutes by playing the game and get an immediate analysis of his/her profile
  • Tailor-made: Neuroprofiler provides a specific profile out of more than 1 million possibilities

How to use

  • The Financial Services send online a questionnaire to their client by email or directly on the device of the Financial Advisor
  • The customer’s profile and his/her investor personalily are immedialty analyzed
  • Neuroprofiler gives the client a specific profile in order to provide an adapted portfolio
  • The game can be either take in white label through API or Saas platform


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