Launch year: 2019
Country: Canada
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Funds raised: CA$11.4M


Concept description

Novisto is an all-in-one sustainability management platform.

Born in Canada in 2019, the company has a small and heterogeneous team of about 10 people and raised a total of CA$11.4.

Novisto’s technology enables businesses to create value through sustainability and, as a result, advance society. Indeed, the fintech firm believes that there is a link between the creation of economic value and the implementation of sustainable business practices.

The product developed by this fintech offers sustainability reporting and the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) into business operations and management. 

Value proposition

Novisto covers different ESG areas providing its own set of materials. Because of workflow automation, the technology is built on a scalable architecture to improve green performance. However, the ultimate goal is to improve not only the company’s ESG score but also the narrative to present to stakeholders and create value.

Their services are targeted by industry or business needs.

By industry, Novisto covers:

  • Financials
  • Technology and Communications
  • Health Care
  • Customer goods

Whereas, by business:

  • ESG Data Collection
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Benchmarking
  • Collaborative Workflow
  • ESG Risk Management

Novisto advertises an “un-siloed” sustainable management solution. The platform offers one place for different actors to consolidate their green commitment and reporting. The structure operates on four layers: the Secure and Searchable data lake, the QA and Audit, the Data Science platform, and finally the Insights.

Thanks to its multi-layer approach, Novisto can offer efficiency, trust, and insightful information to its customers.

Measure, track and improve your business, because Novisto believes that “Better reporting, Better performance“.

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