Disrupting the financial services industry – Nubank uses Datomic to back a nimble, elastic microservices platform

Country: Brazil
Year: 2013


  • Nubank, a financial services startup based in Brazil, offers customers a no-fee, low-interest credit card that customers can manage with their iOS and Android devices.
  • The company used AWS to build, deploy and run its credit card processing platform on which customers can track and control their purchases.
  • By using AWS, Nubank developed its credit card processing platform in only seven months and can add features with ease.

Consumer Benefits

  • Transparency/Convenience: Customers can see in detail what they are paying for – IOF, exchange rate and installments. Nubank Mastercard: accepted in over 30 million establishments worldwide
  • Security: One-Touch protection allows consumers to lock and un-lock their card right from the app, without calling anyone.
  • Paper-less: The card is the only material Nubank will send.

How To Use

  • Register online by filling out the short waiting list form including name, CPF, and email
  • From the name and cpf, Nubank collects data from thousands of market sources, all related to customer specific consumption history, credit, and payments
  • Potential customers are grouped into hundreds of different profiles which are then classified into three different groups:
    • Green: profiles here receive an invitation within a week
    • Yellow: profiles here may receive an invitation within 90 days, depending on outcome of tests
    • Red: profiles here will not receive an invitation but may request re-analysis after 6 months


*in Portuguese with English subtitles

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