Launch year: April 14, 2017
Country: Japan
Funds raised: 3.9 billions yen

Olta – Factoring made easy

Concept description

Olta Cloud Factoring is a service that sells invoices awaiting payment. They also raise working capital to offer quick access to funds to small businesses. Olta’s mission is to decrease the turnaround time between outstanding bills and cash. To do so, they provide an user-friendly and efficient cloud factoring service. After screening relevant financial documents (such as financial statements and bank transactions), Olta purchases receivables at a discount anywhere from 2-9%. Then, they can advance money to customers same day.

Value proposition

By offering quick access to funds with a streamlined process through an efficient online application and approval process, Olta allows customers to bypass otherwise slow-moving credit lines offered by traditional banking institutions. Both individuals and corporations use Olta with no limits on purchase price. Client companies send money to Olta when their customers deliver payments previously due. Olta assumes all risk of default by the debtor, supporting the financing of small and medium sized businesses and corporations who may be temporarily suffering from short-term financing issues.

Illustration (Video)

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