OneWave, the universal connected card

Concept description

The start-up One Wave is developing a universal connected card that brings together all payment, transport and loyalty cards on a single device.

  • One Wave is a smart card with a very thin touch screen including a fingerprint sensor on the surface.
  • The smart card secures all the authentication needs with integrated biometrics.
  • Connected to a smartphone, it enables clients to add different cards (payment, transportation, fidelity program) via the dedicated mobile application.
  • Transportation users can purchase their tickets directly with their smartphone and transfer them to the connected OneWave card. Then, they can use the card like any other NFC transport card.

Value proposition

OneWave is an interactive card connected to the smartphone bringing together all day-to-day services on a single intelligent and secure device.

  • The card configuration requires a smartphone application and a fingerprint.
  • Then, a map screen helps the user select the service needed (payment, transportation, fidelity program, etc.). Once configured, OneWave works independently from the user mobile phone.
  • In addition, oneWave’s card is secure thanks to an architecture built around a hardware security element. Therefore, the card obtained a EAL5+ level of security certification.
  • Finally, the card includes Bluetooth, NFC, biometric authentication, a screen e-paper and a certified bank-level security.

Illustration (Video)
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