Onköl is a communication device that connects the elderly and sick people to their relatives and caregivers

Country: USA onkol
Year: 2013

An insurance company could use this innovation in order to: 

  • Challenge for an insurance company: develop intuitive and easy tools and apps for seniors to use-and cool enough to make a young techie jealous of grandpa’s new gadget.
  • Assistance services: by using this tool, an insurance company could reduce the cost of nursing home assistance (estimated at around $6,000 a month in the USA or £3000 in the UK*).
  • Opportunity: an insurance company could tackle a different market of aging parents and their children.


  • Onköl is a box-shaped device that can virtually connect any home and health-monitoring devices that are Bluetooth or USB drive equipped.
  • Users can program Onköl to automatically notify family members and/or caregivers through text messages or e-mails if users have missed a dosage in their medication, whether they are home or whether their vitals are regular.
  • An included wireless bracelet can notify family members if immediate attention is required. An optional connection to an emergency response operator can be added, in case a family member doesn’t answer within a certain time.
  • Onköl also has a caller identification function that sends texts to those that are on the notification list when the land-line rings, helping users screen for telemarketers and avoid scammers or other undesired callers.

Consumer Benefits

  • Easy to use: Onköl is simple to use, yet sophisticated enough to monitor the elderly properly and provide their relatives with information.
  • No Wi-Fi required: The device connects to the Internet via a cellular signal.
  • Privacy: Complete privacy of health information is ensured since no data is stored on Onköl servers. Customers can ask for their data.

How to use

  • Users order the Onköl device online and configure it through a dedicated website to choose whether and how to notify family members and/or caregivers in case anything happens.
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