Launch year: Aug 20, 2010
Country: United States
Funds raised: $47M (Series C)

OpenFin – The Industry’s Most Innovative Apps Run on OpenFin OS

Concept description

OpenFin is the financial industry’s operating system and home to its most innovative apps.
The world’s leading Financial Institutions are using OpenFin to tailor and deploy desktop applications both in-house, and to their customers.

OpenFin provides an operating system and app environment that powers financial desktops with the same plug-n-play capabilities that your iOS and Android devices enjoy.
Built on top of Google’s Chromium and GitHub’s Electron open source projects, OpenFin combines advanced interoperability, lightning-fast distribution, and robust security with an agile web development model to accelerate digital transformation and the development of innovative apps.

With OpenFin, Financial Services Firms Can:
  • Enable app interoperability across your entire workspace environment
  • Leverage powerful workspace management functionality
  • Break out of the browser tab and enable your web applications to run like native apps
  • Rapidly migrate your legacy apps to the web without compromising UX or feature set
  • Innovate faster, by ensuring fast and seamless deployment of your apps
  • Stay secure as vulnerabilities can’t compromise your operating system – or other apps

Value proposition

OpenFin enables financial services firms to build multi-window desktop apps that look and feel just like native installed apps and workflows so you can optimize your working space. These apps can be tailored to user needs to create and load different views for different tasks, and share information across applications that haven’t been designed to work together.

Illustration (Video)

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