PayTweak launched the first hyperlink payment solution

Country: France
Year: 2015


  • PayTweak offers the possibility to make payments via hyperlinks send by email or SMS
  • The company’s goal is to offer the possibility to sell products securely on the web without owning any website
  • The French start-up has launched three offers depending on customer needs, from €29 to €229 per month for advanced features
  • PayTweak provides alternative solutions for businesses such as hotels and campsites which can avoid asking customers for their card details over the phone
  • In March 2017, PayTweak raised €700 000 from various business angels

Consumer Benefits

  • Easy set up: companies and individuals using PayTweak don’t need to integrate complicated payments solutions
  • Free: for the final customer on the transaction
  • Global offer: with combined services as a dematerialized bill

How to use it

  • The solution is sold as SaaS (Software as a Service) without any commitment
  • Users just have to create an email or SMS including the amount of money requested to customer via PayTweak
  • Once the user receives the link and confirmed the payment, money is instantly available on the bank account



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