Personal capital – Get to know your money

Country:  USA  Logo de Personal Capital
Year: 2009


  • Personal capital is an online asset manager that offers a complete money management experience for their costumers
  • Personal capital is able to pool every external account into one master money management platform
  • Net worth, cash flow, investments, hidden fees, spending habit and more is analysed on the personal capital dashboard
  • They also offer normal asset management services with the advisory services

Consumer Benefits

  • Accessible: Personal capital offers an easy to use financial planning and management platform accessible on all devices
  • Honest: With the hidden fee analysis, customers can know how much fees they are paying compare to a benchmark
  • Affordable: Personal capital offers low fee asset management, and allows customers to use their money management platform for free

How It Works

  • Register online and connect your accounts with your personal capital platform
  • Personal capital services are only available in the U.S.A a valid U.S phone number is required


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