Launch year: 1998
Country: India
Funds raised: US$330.6 Million over 6 rounds of funding

Pine Labs – A merchant platform helping to grow their revenue

Concept description

Pine Labs is an Indian merchant platform company that provides financing and last-mile retail transaction technology. The company is valued at over US$1 billion, at the time of writing. They count over 100,000 merchants among its customers. Finally, they process approximately US$30 billion worth of transactions in a year.

Value proposition

Pine Labs provides mobile point of sale (PoS) solutions that allow merchants to accept credit and debit card payments. Some of their offerings also include Instant EMI, Instant Discounts, Cashback Programs, PaybyPoints, Loyalty Solutions, eWallet, Targeted Promotions, Dynamic Currency Conversion and Gift Solution.

As a result, the company aims to solve multiple pain points for merchants, such as:

  • Integrating reporting settlement and reconciliation
  • Reducing fees through automated smart routing
  • Providing real time analytics
  • Auto-reconciliation and transaction routing

Illustration (Video)

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