PlayMoolah teaches financial literacy through a fun online platform

Country: 2011
Year: Singapore


  • PlayMoolah aims to teach financial literacy in a fun online environment to individuals, businesses and schools
  • Moolah is slang for money in some anglophone countries
  • Once originally aimed at children, the startup has expanded to focus on adult individuals and companies
  • User programmes depend on the type of user: e.g. children can play fun games which teach financial behaviour and earn rewards; whereas adult users can do 21 day challenges or attend community workshops
  • The startup offers corporate training services, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) services and consultancy and innovation services where users can innovate with Playmoolah
  • For schools and colleges, a variety of workshops are offered to teach older children about handling money
  • In 2014, Playmoolah launched an app ‘Whymoolah’ for young adults to learn about money and life decisions into the mid thirties (e.g. marriage, buying a house, further education costs, etc.)

Consumer Benefits

  • Boost financial awareness: acquire knowledge and tools for good spending habits
  • Practice: making smart money decisions
  • Curb bad habits: by transforming and cultivating a positive relationship with money

How To Use

  • Interested users can contact Playmoolah through their site for more information
  • Whymoolah is available on iOS and Android


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