Poof is a wearable device for pets to track their activity levels and well-being

Country: USA
Year: 2016


  • Poof has launched wearable devices, the Pea and the Bean, which measure activity level, sleep, food intake and the calories burnt by their pets
  • The devices track progress over time and indicate the animal’s health and well-being
  • Users can compare their pets activity level with others
  • The Bean has a 60 days autonomy rechargeable battery with USB port and the Pea has a 6 month autonomy replaceable battery (like a watch battery)

Consumer Benefits

  • Anytime: users can check the health and well-being of their pets anytime from anywhere
  • Social GPS technology: users can connect together and search for or locate lost pets from anywhere, even if they do not have a Poof device. The app notifies users of nearby lost pets with passive and automatic alerts.
  • Charity: 100% of profits go to an animal welfare organization

How To Use

  • Users can clip the device on their pets’ collars
  • Users can download the app for free on either Google Play or Apple Store
  • The app combines social networking and Bluetooth based crowd GPS


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