PowWow protects farms with automated water records

Country: USA
Year: 2013powwow

  • Prevention and Awareness tool: use PowWow as an awareness tool in the ecosytem of saving natural resources.
  • Joint-advertising partnership: create a special offer with a discount for farmers who get both the insurance company’s growers’ insurance and use PowWow.
  • Target developing countries: promote an insurance offer specifically dedicated to farmers from developing countries that experience droughts or floods.


  • PowWow Energy is a leading innovator in the agriculture and food sectors, bridging the gap between agriculture and tech sector with valuable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications.
  • The software application identifies abnormal pumping activities such as falling water tables and leaks in irrigation pipes which may threaten operations and have a negative effect on yields.

Consumer Benefits

  • Text alerts: the farmer saves time by not digging through increasing amounts of data. PowWow gives the answers on the field
  • Automated water records: there is no hardware to install
  • Measurable value: through increased yield and improved resource efficiency of water, energy, and on-field labour

How to use

  • The user signs up online and creates a profile. By clicking on the map to place pumps and activating the pump monitor, the utility provider is informed to let the user access their energy data


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