Proximiti relies on GEO technology to empower interactions between companies and customers

Country: Australiaproximiti logo
Year: 2011
Founded in 2011, Proximiti is Australia’s location-based marketing company connecting clients with their target audiences.
Proximiti leans on its GEO tech in both geotargeting and geolocation analytics to run personalized location-based interactions & uncover market insights for companies across Asia Pacific.


  • Proximiti provides clients with location-based services via heat maps, behavioral profiling and geolocation insights
  • Location Services allows clients to engage target audience with meaningful and hyper-relevant content that cuts through digital clutter. Proximiti’s portfolio contains App/website location services and location based analytics/advertising.
  • Partnered with various industries from banks, manufactures, retailers and franchisees.

Consumer Benefits

  • Trustable GEO tech: GEO tech is a mature tech widely used across industries and trusted by blue-chip companies.
  • Cross-device syncing: Proximiti’s technology allows clients to seamlessly roll-out geolocation across different range of websites and mobile apps.
  • Tailored marketing campaign: With the accurate market analysis based on location-targeting, clients can become more disciplined with their marketing budget.

How it works

  • Configure clients’ services/CRM integration on a GEO basis
  • Using service on the real-time moment watching
  • Big data analysis and feedbacks

Video illustration

Example – Proximiti partnered with OCBC to start a location-based marketing campaign:

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