Pulse is a food-specific micro savings tool for third-world population that earn irregular daily wages


Country: USA
Year: 2013

  • Leverage on new technology: mobile penetration rate is important in developing countries
  • Easy subscription: no need to see an agent
  • Painless (does not hurt purchasing power): savings triggered for small amount of money
  • Automated savings: savings linked to consumption
  • Liquidity: no constraints due to complex contract clauses


During a sale, the vendor keeps the change and sends money to the customer Pulse’s savings account linked to its mobile number:

  • Immaterial: with their earnings, people buy Pulse cards that accredit money on their account
  • Painless: during the sale, the vendor keeps the change and stores credit to the customer’s Pulse account
  • Money management: the customer receives an SMS with their balance account for each transaction

25 women used the pilot project and their family budget increased by 12%:

  • Food-security: each family have 14 more meals than before
  • End of barter economies: due to lack of coins, customers used to receive pointless items (shampoo, candies…) as change. Now their accounts receive the change after sale

How to use it

  • This video shows how Pulse can make us save money
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