Launch year: 2014
Country: France
Funds raised: €600.000

Pumpkin, the easy payments solution

Concept description

Pumpkin is a user-friendly mobile application that allows for spontaneous and easy payments and refunds between friends.

  • Pumpkin is an application allowing its customers to pay back their friends or colleagues, the money is immediately credited to their account and they can choose whether they transfer the money to their bank account or use it to pay other people.
  • Payments made with Pumpkin operate in the same way as credit card payments. Indeed, the card selected by the user is charged instantly and the amount is moved to the recipient’s account.
  • Easy to install and to use, only a smartphone is required to create an account.
  • Bank data is encrypted and remains strictly confidential, integration of a 3D-Secure procedure when registering a credit card.
  • With the new Neo bank status, users can have a Pumpkin account as well as a payment card like in any other bank.
  • In 2017 Arkea bought Pumpkin which becomes a neo bank in 2018.
  • In April 2020 more than 900.000 users have downloaded the application.

Value proposition

Ease of use with a user-friendly interface and free of charge for users attracts new customers.

  • The integration of a one-click money exchange system from your smartphone easily attracts customers
  • Personal data is secure and the user does not pay any commission.
  • The dashboard and real-time account tracking makes the application easy to use for any new user.

Illustration (Video)

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