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Launch year: Sept 2017
Country: Singapore
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Funds raised: US$ 35M

Pundi X – Control your Money and your Data However you Like

Concept description

Founded in Singapore back in 2017, Pundi X aims to create decentralized lifestyle for everyone. They are a key developer of blockchain-backed devices, including the world’s first point-of-sales solution for digital currency and a multi-functional blockchain-powered phone. Overall, Pundi X strives to build a fully decentralized and scalable ecosystem where in the end, users will rightfully control and own their data.


Pundi X as a Blockchain Service Provider

Pundi X is a blockchain service aimed to allow cryptocurrency to be used (buy/sell) in physical locations globally.

  • XPOS: The world’s first point-of-sale facilitating merchants and consumers to perform in-store transactions simultaneously on the blockchain. XPOS empowers digital currency based transactions while overcoming the shortcomings of fiat (FX and instability).
      • Available in 30+ locations worldwide such as Dubai, Venezuela, Singapore, Indonesia and Nigeria.
      • Key partners include Ultra Music Festival Taiwan and Verifone.
      • 100,000 XPOS devices to be deployed worldwide by 2021.
      • Product line includes the XPOS, XPOS Handy, and XPOS Desk.
  • BOB (Blok on Blok): The world’s first blockchain phone enabling ownership and control of personal data without any centralized service provider.
  • XWallet: A blockchain wallet helping manage digital assets and ensure secure, seamless offline and online transactions.

Value proposition

Pundi X as a Disruptor in Decentralization

  1. Decentralization thanks to digital currency. Foster a decentralized way of life, whether it is for offline/online payments or for your handheld device. With the ease of use of digital currency at your hands, XPOS allows digital currency access for everyone and digital currency usage for everyday life.
  2. Seamless, secure payments. With a blockchain wallet managing your digital assets, you are able to control your money and your data however you like (e.g. you have the option of taking control of your private keys).
  3. Borderless partnerships. Pundi partners with government associations, blockchain communities, payment platforms, and distributors to increase digital currency awareness and accessibility.

Illustration (Video)

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