Qwikcilver enables any sized business to build a strong loyalty program

Country: India
Year: 2007


  • Qwikcilver offers loyalty, payment and gift card solutions to retailers of all sizes in India and South Asia
  • The company developed a web platform, based on a SaaS solution, which enables retailers to manage their loyalty programs and develop their relationships with end-consumers
  • The platform includes SMS and emailing campaign services
  • Qwikcilver also launched a solution called “Corporate” targeting companies wanting to reward their employees with gift cards usable within a large network of partner shops
  • The Indian company raised $10 million in 2016 from Amazon and other investors

Consumer Benefits

  • Accessible: the company’s solutions are available for all business sizes, Qwikcilver helps small retailers build loyalty programs and design their own cards
  • Visibility: by offering the possibility for retailers to sell their loyalty cards on the Woohoo platform, companies are able to further develop their on-line web presence

How It Works

  • End consumers buy a gift card on the Woohoo website or at a retailer’s store
  • The consumer chooses the amount of money to charge on the card or selects a card with a set amount of money
  • The card may be used in any of the 10,000 shops that participate in Qwikcilver’s network


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