Launch year: 1988
Country: UK

RedBox, Guaranteed voice capture for regulatory compliance

Concept description

Red Box captures, secures and transcribes voice from all new and legacy communication platforms, providing a structured data set of captured voice conversations.

Value proposition

Red Box provides seamless integration into market-leading CRM, compliance archiving, AI and analytics platforms helps support regulatory compliance. This helps address automation, security, fraud, and enhance employee engagement and the customer experience.

Red Box leverage the value of structured voice data sets through :

  • Enhance capture audio : Audio can be captured and transcribed from over 55 platforms, ensuring you get the fullest picture, every time.
  • Valuable data : With speech transcribed to text, everyday conversations are turned into valuable data that is easily accessible and auditable.
  • Easy export : Transcribed audio files can be easily uploaded into a data warehouse or analytics engine, making it easy to search and analyse all your data in one place.
  • Compliance : Reduce operational costs and save time in the process by enabling auditors and regulators to review more calls in less time through accessible and auditable call transcripts.

Illustration (Video)

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