SafeMotos connects customers to safer motorcycle taxis across Africa

Country: RwandaSafemotos
Year: 2014


  • SafeMotos is a motorcycle taxi service application (available on Android and iOS) that tracks drivers’ behaviour to identify if they are safe or not
  • Taxi drivers are equipped with smartphone-enabled telematics (accelerometer, GPS and gyroscope) from which data is extracted and analysed to identify their habits (acceleration, breaking and top speeds). Drivers profiles are then categorized as secure or dangerous and only safe drivers are connected with users
  • Users can pay from their SafeMotos wallet connected to mobile money, cash, and credit cards. Prices are determined by distance driven and additionally, the company promotes drivers who perform well (evaluated by users’ comments)

Consumer Benefits

  • Safe: data is collected from different sensors, making sure drivers’ behaviour is safe
  • Easy to use: users can pay from their SafeMotos’s wallet which can be connected to mobile money so users can hop on and hop off without the need for cash
  • Responsive: if the driver is categorized as dangerous, they are automatically removed from the application

How To Use

  • Users download the application on a smartphone and sign-up by either via their Facebook account or by entering their email address
  • When the map opens, users select their location and click on ‘pick me up here’. The user can also add his exact address or give indicators (example: I’m at the traffic lights)
  • The user will be notified when a driver is available
  • Via an interactive map, users can watch where the driver is and when they will arrive. After the trip, users can rate drivers between 1 and 5 stars



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