SalesPredict is a predictive analytics algorithm that helps you maximize your firm’s revenues throughout the customer lifecycle

Country: Israel salespredict
Year: 2012

  • Gives value to the data: this algorithm could help a financial institution give value to its data by using an algorithm that can give answers to any business questions relying on scientific facts instead of assumptions and intuition. SalesPredict drastically changes the way CRM, sales and marketing are done in a firm and how decision are made
  • Personalization of customer offers: it could give a financial institution interesting insights about its customers, best prospects and give a better offer, a more personalized offer depending on the customer’s profile


  • The algorithm was created to better predict sales and improve customer targeting
  • SalesPredict first identifies the area of business (sales funnel) that the firm wants to focus on (new targets, cross/up-sell, etc.), then lean how a firm classifies a win and a loss in its CRM, and then the algorithm would do the rest
  • It basically gathers all the information available on the web and available in your firm
  • It allows to give more data based and more scientific key business answers

Consumer Benefits

  • The predictive algorithm allows the firm to better segment, target effectively depending at which stage of the lifecycle stage the customer in a more data-oriented way
  • The decisions made thanks to the answers given by the algorithm helps the firm to increase its profitability and allows to accelerate sales by giving the right product to the right person

How to use

  • SalesPredict needs to have access to the data within the firm’s CRM system.
  • Some firm’s use Salesforce, and in that case, SalesPredict simply downloads the Salesforce App Exchange.
  • For other systems, SalesPredict do a data export/import. They start to identify the area of the business (sales funnel) that the firm would like to focus on (new targets, cross-sell/ up-sell, etc.), learn how the firm classifies a win and a loss in its CRM, and then the algorithm would do the rest.


  • Introduction of the algorithm that predicts revenues
  • Tech Crunch website presents SalesPredict


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