Launch year: 2012
Country: France

Scaled Risk – Centralized data solution for efficient self-service reporting

Concept description

Scaled Risk proposes a centralized integrated platform for all actors of the financial services industry : banks, insurance companies, asset managers etc. .

The configurable data platform enables :

  • Data quality management: Big data facilitates corrections and data updates. Data reconciliation can be performed on a quicker scale, even on large heterogeneous data sets or silos
  • Data processing automation: from data import to calculation to reporting
  • Data governance: clear audit trail and data lineage possible through automatic versioning of data and models
  • Security: access granted through strong authentication and end-to-end encryption
  • Connectivity: APIs and external calculation libraries can be incorporated into the platform

Value proposition

Scaled Risk enables efficiency gains throughout any data-extensive reporting value chain. The collaborative platform allows better data integration and the creation of interactive reports & analytics. The strong & agile data framework is based on data quality, governance, security, scalability and connectivity.

Along with the pure technical solution, Scaled Risk services include dedicated consultants to facilitate the platform integration. They also propose finance experts & consultants to deliver ad-hoc training, support and project management.

Scaled Risk is partnering with AWS and Azure (among others) to offer its solution in their marketplace. The platform deployment is easy in the cloud.

Illustration (Video)

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