is a Back-end-as-a-Service platform for FinTech companies enabling them to significantly speed up their launch time and reduce development costs

Country: Czech
Year: 2015


  • (Software Development Kit) is a pre-fabricated module-based software providing back-end technology that enables FinTech companies to operate digital services
  • provides the following solutions to assist firms in launching their own digital solutions:
    • Payment system
    • Payment processing
    • E-wallet
    • P2P money transfer
    • Card to card payments
    • Currency exchange
    • Gift and prepaid card
      • Loyalty program
    • Solution for e-commerce
  • Timeline for product development if using’s solution:
    • 30 days for pre-designed FinTech solution: only front-end solutions (UI/UX design) are needed and no additional product development


  • 18 weeks for custom-made FinTech solution: both product development based on user’s demand and UI/UX design are needed


  • Multi-tiered technical support are provided by Key components include software updating for application, servers infrastructure, scripts and macros, bugs fixing, improvement of developed functionality, and security alerts and critical patch updates.
  • Training and education are provided for the internal development teams on how to develop FinTech products on platform
  • also provides high-level business consulting and IT/security audit for finance-oriented products. For example, provides IT audit that includes the procedures such as information technology architecture, servers and network infrastructure, source code audit (Java/PHP), DB architecture, audit of information security model, internal/external penetration tests, disaster tests (DDoS, performance capacity), SDLC-audit (Software Development Life Cycle), PCI DSS compliance review, personnel audit (staff qualification) and so on.

Consumer Benefits

  • Time-saving: could help gain dramatic time savings up to 90%, solving the problems of uncertainty around FinTech products’ launch time
  • Money-saving: could help save money up to 10 times, solving the problems of high capital expense requirements
  • High-quality: has implemented high quality testing procedures – automated testing code coverage of solution is 60% – to make sure all operations are stable and executed
  • Customizable: provides bespoke products that can be combined or connected with other systems (internal or external), such as integration with 3rd parties, adding new features, periodic updates
  • Secure: has implemented high-level requirements for source code security practice including:
    • Lapse+
    • External penetration tests
    • Application firewalls
    • VPN for cross-severs communications
    • SSL for data encryption of network sessions for public services
    • JUnit tests for source code quality verification
    • Database encryption mechanism

How it works

  • The solution is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, with customers paying a subscription fee to use the underlying back-end infrastructure which connects with their front-end product and database.
  • Firms can save three to six months of their development time through this model.



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