Seal enables rapid formalization of secure agreements

Country: UKseal
Year: 2016


  • Seal is a mobile service that combines the security of a formal agreement with the ease of a verbal agreement, thus enabling users to set written, legally binding agreements instantly
  • Types of agreements include:
    • Subletting a room to a friend of a friend
    • Renting a car from a friend
    • Temporary employment contracts
    • Paying for tasks or services
    • Doing quick freelance work
    • Splitting tasks with neighbors and communities
    • Travel related agreements and agreements in the sharing economy
    • etc…
  • Users can define what the agreement is about, set up the terms and conditions, and choose the consequence that creates the safety net if something goes wrong. Users can then set the details of the payment involved and send the created agreement for the other party to confirm. Once the agreement is confirmed, the payment gets held in the cloud and the agreement is enacted.

Consumer Benefits

  • Less time & costs: Seal helps to streamline the agreement making process between people and/or companies
  • Secure & Transparent: Seal lowers the barrier to put every job, task or contract in a legally binding framework thus removing the insecurity between parties and making agreements more transparent
  • Simple: Seal has a simple and easy user interface for consumers to create agreements

How to use

Users can follow an intuitive user interface which takes them through simple steps of creating and securing an agreement:

  • What the agreement is about: users can either type their own agreement or choose from pre-set templates (work, buy/sell, project, rental, task, services)
  • When is the agreement due
  • Where is the agreement taking place
  • Customize the terms & conditions: users can set up as many conditions as they like and make the agreement as detailed as they need (e.g. validator, guarantor, checklist, compensation, proof, submission, failure)
  • Payments: users can choose different payment types including bank transfer, cash, credit card, debit card, PayPal
  • Parties: who are involved in the agreement


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