SmartRand develops tailored investment solutions in South Africa

Country: South Africa
Year: 2012


  • Since 2012, SmartRand provides online investment advices to individuals in South Africa
  • In order to provide the best advices, each individual is asked to fill-in two online survey enabling to establish its investment’s goal and risk profile
  • As it is not an investment fund, SmartRand established a partnership with Galileo Capital allowing to connect advices provided with extisting investment services
  • SmartRand derives its revenues from fees on the amount invested (between 0,96% and 1,50% depending on the fund selected)

Consumer Benefits

  • Fast process: only 45 minutes needed to complete surveys on risk profile and investment’s needs
  • Tailored approach: with its dedicated survey, SmartRand offers tailored investment services to investors
  • Trustworthy: thanks to its partnership with a known investment fund in South Africa

How It Works

  • Individuals fill-in the two questionnaires and thus provide to SmartRand information on their risk profile and investment’s goals
  • Once the two surveys have been completed, SmartRand suggests one or several funds on which to invest depending on the investment profile established
  • The investor opens an investment account and invests on the selected fund



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