Launch year: 2016
Country: France

Smile Investments Solutions, the next generation investment advisory platform

Concept description

Smile is a new generation investment advisory platform, combining asset management technologies and machine learning.

  • The fintech proposes to help businesses with their investment strategy, market analysis and personalized client care.
  • Smile’s solution proposes to clients advanced portfolio management and allocation algorithms.
  • These financial decision-making tools are enhanced with a proprietary machine-learning engine. Hence, it can improve the relevance and individualization of financial advice.
  • Smile offer is available in the form of a subscription as a white label or personalized package.

Value proposition

Smile develops numerous financial innovations to the service of professionals.

  • Smile’s technologies enable investment professionals (banks, private banks, management companies, financial advisors) to extend their range of services, both technically and commercially, by developing and promoting the concept of agile investment.
  • Thanks to interfacing possibilities, the platform can be used in the automated processes of their clients.
  • In addition, Smile brings agility in business with a platform facilitating for example the prototyping of portfolios or the automatic range declination.
  • The platform is based on machine learning to improve the investment experience for advisors and their clients. To do so, the platform reinforces the predictive skills of counsellors, enhances the follow-up of customer issues and develops new forms of interaction between stakeholders.

Illustration (Video)

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